Current Projects

Defining the shape of Silicon Valley.

Over the last 15 years, Hunter Properties, through the development arm Hunter Storm, LLC, has leveraged its multiple product-type development experience with its entitlement expertise to successfully complete several major real estate projects. More recently, the firm has focused on transit-oriented development (TOD) and mixed-use development. This came to fruition in both Redwood City and Santa Clara through the development of RWC Technology Station and University Station, respectively. Also, Civic Park Cupertino, a mixed-use project combining office, retail, and 132 homes oriented toward a public park that connects to the new City Library, was completed in 2007. In addition to these community-enhancing TOD projects, Hunter Storm tenant-oriented, build-to-suit developments/acquisitions include buildings for Kaiser Health (2), Old Republic Title Headquarters (2), DPR Construction, Inc., BAE Systems, ABB Ltd, Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Building Success with vision and integrity.

Due to strong tenant relationships, Hunter Properties is able to work efficiently on leasing new developments and the re-merchandising of existing properties. The active portfolio enjoys unmatched performance, rarely dropping below an average occupancy of 98%. The family orientation of the company coupled with the skill sets necessary to manage large complex transactions allow the firm to consistently participate in some of the most significant developments in the Bay Area.